Main Photo - Concrete Plant

Chem-Tech Solutions, Inc. provides the most comprehensive
line of fleet care products in the world of Ready Mix Concrete, supporting our role as a national leader in the industry. Product selections include an environmentally sustainable line certified
as non-regulated, non-corrosive, as well as products that utilize synthetic detergent technology that are both safe on skin and

Chem-Tech Solutions creates customized cleaning programs for our Ready Mix Concrete customers utilizing several layers of products, systems and services as illustrated below!


Part one of any cleaning program must cover the day to day cleaning operations. Chem-Tech Solutions has formulated a “Daily Truck Wash” line of products specially blended to maintain clean trucks and equipment all while being the most economical and environmentally safe products on the market.

    • Non-Corrosive and Environmentally Safe Products
    • Economically blended Truck Soaps formulated to maximize customer savings
    • Concrete removers powered by Chem-Tech Synthetic Detergents

Main Photo - Concrete Plant    Main Photo - Concrete Plant


The Chem-Tech Specialty Products line is one of our most diverse and unique line of products created specifically for the Ready Mix Industry. Over 30 years of experience have gone into the testing and development of these highly specialized cleaners.

      • Non-Corrosive and Environmentally Safe Super Strength Concrete Remover
      • Paint and Drum Brightener
      • Aluminum Brighteners